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Cultural consensus sewn into perfume satchels

Time:2022-06-15     Click:

In order to further create an open and friendly Party-masses Service Center, enrich service activity carriers, and enrich the cultural atmosphere around the Yuehu Lake, yesterday morning, the Tianyi community in the Yuehu Subdistrict, with the theme of "inheriting ancient customs and wearing perfume satchels", launched a youth incense culture experience activity at the Yuehu Jinhui Party-masses Service Center, inviting intangible cultural heritage inheritor Zhou Yaping. Onsite, 10 ethnic minority families were taught to make perfume satchels to let ethnic minority teenagers feel the charm of traditional culture.

Under the guidance of Zhou Yaping, they threaded needles, hung silk threads, and put Ay Tsao bags in... Perfume satchels with the fragrance of Chinese herbal medicine were freshly made in the hands of teenagers. For the next step, the community will continue to carry out a series of traditional cultural activities such as paper-cutting and calligraphy with the theme of "National Unity and One Family".

(Photo by Liu Yanhao and Tang Qian)