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Landscape weir and dam group: charming mountain scenery

Time:2022-06-15     Click:

A few days ago, the restoration project of the Zhangxi River was completed. The gurgling Zhangxi River flows through 7 landscape weirs and dams. The stone steps on the water surface are like piano keys, flowing out the "movement" of the mountain town with lucid water and charming sceneries.

It is reported that the Haishu District Water Resources Bureau and the Zhangshui Town, together with relevant experts and villagers' representatives, have held a meeting to customize the repair scheme for the Zhangxi River channel. Through the comprehensive implementation of such processes as the lifting and repair of spillway channel, the reinforcement of revetment and retaining wall, and the lifting and reconstruction of weirs and dams, the flood discharge and waterlogging drainage function of water conservancy facilities will be further strengthened, and the flood and drought disaster prevention capacity will be effectively improved. Now the restored Zhangxi River not only restores its water conservancy function, but also boasts aesthetic appreciation and human interaction. (Photo by Zhang Haohua and Feng Sang)