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Live streaming activities held to sell "fresh" farm food to customers in the urban area

Time:2022-12-23     Click:

Sweet potatoes, eggs, oranges... Recently, the "zero carbon and common prosperity live streaming activity room" of the Longguan Township was launched for the first time, and "common prosperity recommenders" from six villages of Guanling turned into e-commerce anchors to promote the seasonal characteristic farm products of each village. In just one and a half hours, the sales volume exceeded 9,100 yuan.

It is learnt that Longguan Township takes the leading role of zero carbon and common prosperity Party building as the link, gives play to the supply chain advantages of the six villages of Guanling, innovates to create a "live streaming activity room for common prosperity", broadens the sales channels of characteristic agricultural products, and helps to revitalize the rural industry.

(Photo by Liu Yanhao and Li Yuan)