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Season of fragrant sweet potato vermicelli

Time:2022-12-15     Click:

The end of this year is around the corner, and it is time to make sweet potato vermicelli again. Tong Ji'nan, a villager in the Tongjiao Village, Zhangshui Town, has been busy since early in the morning: breaking sweet potatoes, soaking in water to precipitate, soaking in water to stir, steaming into cakes, drying and scraping into vermicelli... Over the past 50 years, Tong Ji'nan has been familiar with this series of production processes.

It is learnt that sweet potato vermicelli is a special agricultural product of Zhangshui. It is not only a delicacy on the local people's table, but also a special industry that helps farmers increase their income.

(Photo by Zhang Haohua and Ke Rongyao)