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Service-providing and skill competition held

Time:2022-12-01     Click:

Recently, a skill competition for taxi and online ride-hailing drivers was held at the driving school affiliated to the Ningbo University of Technology in the Duantang Subdistrict, and 210 drivers participated in the competition.

After the first stage of theoretical examination, a total of 20 participants and 5 teams entered the actual practice examination. After the competition on parallel parking, tyre replacement, etiquette and fire safety, the final winners of the first, second and third prizes were selected. "We hope to improve the overall literacy and skill level of the drivers through skill competition, so as to better serve passengers and to promote healthy development of the road passenger transportation industry." A relevant person in charge of the Haishu District Federation of Trade Unions said.

(Photo by Xin Zhicheng and Zheng Yiwen)