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Trial planting of quality sweet potatoes for promotion

Time:2022-11-09     Click:

Here comes this year's sweet potato season. Recently, Party members of the Third Party Branch of the People's Government of  Zhangshui Town paired up with agricultural technology experts of the Fourth Party Branch of the Haishu District Agriculture and Rural Affairs Bureau to visit a sweet potato experimental field in a mountainous area in the town to dig out various kinds of mature sweet potatoes, take records of relevant data, and taste and score these sweet potatoes.

"In order to select the most suitable sweet potato varieties for planting in the mountainous area, we planted 12 varieties in the field of nearly 2 mu." Sun Jian, an agricultural technology expert, told reporters that, according to the results of the trial planting, the "Xin Xiang 22" and the "Zhe Shu 88" and so on will be gradually promoted for planting in the mountainous area to improve the planting profit of local people.

(Photo by Zhang Haohua, Ke Rongyao and Xu Ninglei)