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Digital intelligence for the development of the fashion industry

Time:2022-11-14     Click:

On November 11, the National Summit on "Variety Increase, Quality Improvement and Brand Building" & Youngor Fashion Industry Sailing Ceremony, one of the important activities of the Ningbo Fashion Festival 2022, was held in Haishu.

As a leading domestic textile and clothing enterprise, Youngor's "fashion" territory has been expanding in recent years. It has invested nearly 1 billion yuan to build a smart logistics center and built a "Youngor Kuafu No. 01 Fashion Experience Hall" to promote the deep integration of online and offline sales. The 5G+intelligent factory cooperating with China Unicom has been selected as one of the first batch of "future factories" in the Zhejiang Province... a brand new line composed of the brand end, product end, retail end, logistics end and production end has been clearly visible.

The photo is taken at the Youngor's 5G+intelligent factory.

(Photo by Cui Ning and Xu Henglv)