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A hundred-meter long scroll with the rhyme of the Song Dynasty takes debut in the Moon Lake scenic area

Time:2022-10-18     Click:

Recently, a hundred-meter long scroll with the rhyme of the Song Dynasty took debut in the Tianyi Pavilion · Moon Lake scenic area, attracting many tourists to stop and watch.

It's learned that the piece of work was created by Heye Qingqing, Chief Illustrator of Ala Ningbo. In this hundred-meter long painting with the rhyme of the Song Dynasty, there are many buildings of the Moon Lake in the Song Dynasty, such as the Zhongle Pavilion, Huxin Temple, Shizhou Pavilion, Korean Embassy, and Lantang Hall of Shu Dan, a scholar of Longtu Pavilion in the Northern Song Dynasty; Prime Minister Shi Hao's Shoule Mansion in the Southern Song Dynasty, Shi Miyuan's Daguanwen Mansion, the Bizhi Academy of Yang Jian, the first of the "Chunxi Four Masters", the "East Building" library of the Great Schola Lou Yao, the Zhuzhou Three Masters Academy, the Siming Cave, etc.. These buildings together with existing buildings in the scenic spot, such as the Tianyi Pavilion and the Chaoran Pavilion today paint a picture of the Moon Lake.

It is learnt that this exhibition will last until October 31. Residents interested can go to the Maya Street to enjoy.