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Polish the background of civilization and create a model city together

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Volunteers of the Meiyuan Community, Yuehu Sub-district are carrying out home-cleaning action. (Photo by Xin Zhicheng and Luo Shijing)

Cleaning up dead corners and disorderly stacking, and provide guidance for garbage classification… This weekend, the “Volunteer Red” volunteers appeared here and there in streets, alleys, squares and in front of and behind houses. More than 5,000 volunteers from 17 towns (townships) and sub-districts actively responded to the initiative of the Haishu District Civilization Office to “create a model city and clean the home together”. They braved the scorching sun, brought their own tools, and actively participated in the clean-up action of the whole district with high enthusiasm, working hard to help Haishu to become the vanguard in Ningbo in developing a national model city of civilization.

Early in the morning of September 4, Hua Xinfang, a resident of Jingting Jiayuan in the Jishigang Town and a veteran Party member, led enthusiastic residents to clean corridors with brooms and dustpans. “We and social workers visit residents from door to door to persuade them to clean up the disorderly stacking in the corridors. Now we all work together to clean corridors for a better living environment.” Hua Xinfang said. Volunteers of the Gulou Sub-district, government cadres and social workers went to places prone to sundry stacking and illegal parking such as back streets, alleys and farm food markets to carry out cleaning operations. “To create a civilized model city, our Gulou Sub-district, located in the central urban area, needs to further strengthen the cleaning action.” A relevant person in charge of the Gulou Sub-district said. In addition to picking up garbage and cleaning up disorderly stacking, the action also strengthened the unified parking of non-motor vehicles around the farm food markets and in back streets and alleys, and persuasion of citizens for civilized queuing with one meter in between. In the Qingfeng Community of the Wangchun Sub-district with abundant water systems, volunteers walked along rivers, focusing on cleaning the garbage on both sides of the rivers and in green belts, taking pictures when any pollution of the rivers were found, so as to feed back to the cloud disposal platforms of the sub-district and water treatment office to jointly protect the green sceneries of the water and river banks of the home.

“For the next step, we will take the civilization practice institute of the new era as the carrier to widely mobilize volunteer forces such as Party members, cadres, social workers and the masses to participate in the action of “creating a model city and clean the home together” to develop a better home.” A relevant person in charge of the Haishu District Civilization Office said.

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