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Bridges for the convenience of the people bring hearts of Party members and the masses together

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“How in time the bridge is erected! I’m worried about how to go out to buy some food.” Looking at the newly erected stainless-steel bridge for the convenience of the people at the entrance of the corridor, Aunt Yu, living at Lane 87, Zhongtang Road, appreciated.

Early in the morning on July 25, affected by the typhoon, there was backflow of river water in the Zhongtang Road area of Xinyi Community, Wangchun Sub-district. There was ponding in low-lying areas such as Lane 87 of Zhongtang Road and No. 16West Building, with the deepest depth of the water reaching 40cm high. “At that time, the water was above the knees, and it was very dangerous for residents to step in and out.” The cadres of the sub-district working in the community found this situation and immediately organized the urban-rural construction office, safety supervision office and community working staff to build “bridges” for the convenience of the people in the two corridors with serious ponding. As was seen at the scene that under the leadership of sub-district Party members, people quickly connected more than 150 galvanized pipes together, and many residents also came to help. Soon, a “convenience bridge” that can bear up to 600kg was stably erected in the corridor.

Unloading and installing, Party members of the Gulou Sub-district were also busy with the erection of bridges. No. 76 Wenchang Street, No. 49-50 Guangren Street in the Xiushui Community and No. 49 Northwest Street in the Xiaowen Community had accumulated water to varying degrees. The Gulou Sub-district acted quickly, and 3 emergency response teams composed of the working staff of the cleaning center of urban management squadron and members of the militia company in the sub-district, erected a total of about 130m stainless-steel bridge at 3 places for the convenience of the people. “The height of the bridge can be adjusted to ensure the safe access of residents in case of water level rises.” A relevant person in charge of the Gulou Sub-district said.

The low-lying Xiwan Residential Quarter in the Xinzhi Community will be waterlogged every time in rainy days, and the ponding used to reach 80cm at the highest when encountering heavy rain. “The Xinzhi Community is a typical old community with relatively more elderly residents, and it is difficult for the elderly to wade water, and there would be potential safety risks.” Learning from the experience of previous years, the Ximen Sub-district planned in advance, focusing on the gate of the Xiwan Residential Quarter and the 2 low-lying exits at the side gate of Lane 48, Xiwan Road, and analyzed and judged the terrain of the old community. After fully considering the safe height of the convenience bridge to be used by the elderly residents, Party members took the lead and shoulder their responsibilities respectively to erect caring bridges with a total length of 110m and at a height of 30cm. “Our Party members will be available all the time and send the bridge to the place where it is needed.” A relevant person in charge of the Ximen Sub-district said. For the next step, they will continue to pay attention to the areas prone to water accumulation, take relevant measures in time, and strive to ensure the safety of residents.

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