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Strong drainage to ensure smooth traffic

Time:2021-08-06     Click:

On July 25, affected by the rising water level of the Yaojiang River, the Xiaowen Pump Station can’t discharge water in time, and the ponding water level in the Yongshou Street and Xiaowen Street has exceeded 30cm. The Haishu District Facility Maintenance Center immediately organized a 6-person emergency rescue team, equipped with 3 drainage pumps to the area with serious ponding, continuously carrying out strong drainage operation, so as to reduce the pressure of the Xiaowen Pump Station and reduce the water level as much as possible. In addition, the Gulou Sub-district United Squadron Force did a good job in the transfer and resettlement of people living in low-lying ponding areas and surrounding ones in advance, so as to make every effort to ensure the safety of surrounding residents.

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