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Low-carbon electricity consumption for a more charming mountain village

Time:2021-08-06     Click:

In the mid-summer, the sun shines on the photovoltaic power generation board on the roofs of villas in the Xueao Village of Longguan Township, and is transformed into a power source and continuously transmitted to the power grid.

It is reported that the Xueao Village is the third village boasting photovoltaic power generation in the Longguan Township after the Li’ao Village and Dalu Village. At the end of last year, the roof photovoltaic project of the Xueao Village was connected to the grid for power generation, and the carbon reduction system composed of 1,771 photovoltaic panels effectively improved the ecological environment of the whole village. In the first half of this year, about 360,000 kwh of electricity has been generated, providing nearly 60,000 kwh of electricity free of charge to 199 households in the village, which not only improves the quality of life of villagers, but also making the sky bluer, the water greener and the ecology more charming.

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