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The TCM-characterized Block builds an industrial cluster

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The TCM-characterized Block (Phase I) Miaoxi Rail Complex Project is taking shape. (Photo by Xin Zhicheng)

“We were at the Yaohang Street at first. Now it is to be upgraded and transformed, and enterprises related to traditional Chinese medicine cultural industry will be gathered to develop a unique neighborhood. I look forward to it.” In the early morning of August 15, a working staff of Yaohuangdian said when he met a worker of the Haishu District State-owned Capital Investment and Management Group Co., Ltd. responsible for the construction of the TCM-characterized block for communication and coordination.

In last June, the Haishu District launched the project of Ningbo TCM-characterized Block. The block takes the Chenghuang Temple – Yaohang Street area as the core, the 4 functions of being a “diagnosis platform, cultural platform, communication platform and trading platform” as its development orientation, highlights characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine from the architectural appearance and internal performance, and focuses on developing a new name card for cultural exchanges with other countries in Ningbo.

Being one of the first batch of “high-quality routes”, “characteristic blocks” and “highlighted projects” in the Haishu District, the project of the TCM-characterized Block is being promoted in an orderly manner. It will focus on the layout of “one street, one lane and one square” (i.e., the Yaohang Street, the Shouchangfang and the Yaohuangdian Square) to build a traditional Chinese medicine industrial cluster and a cultural gathering area integrating diagnosis and treatment, health care, cultural innovation and tourism, and the gathering of time-honored brands. The construction of the block is divided into 2 phases. The first phase involves the Miaoxi Rail Complex project, the pavement reconstruction of Xianxue Street, the exhibition of Tu youyou’s former residence, etc.; the second phase involves the development of the block in the Chenghuang Temple Delta, the upgrading of Baicaoyuan and Yaohuangdian Square, and so on.

At present, the conceptual planning scheme of the block has been completed, the reconstruction and upgrading project of the Xianxue Street has been promoted, and the overall pavement reconstruction is planned to be completed in September. The design scheme of cultural guidance system matched with the pavement reconstruction of Xianxue Street has been studied and discussed, and it is in the process of synchronous implementation. The Miaoxi Rail Complex project has been accelerated and has reached preliminary intention with the later complex operation. In mid-June, the conceptual scheme design unit was determined and the design was deepened simultaneously. For the next step, construction drawing design bidding, cost budget, construction bidding and so on will be carried out. It is expected to implement internal transformation by the end of August and put into operation in the Spring Festival of 2022.

“In order to promote brand building, we’ve set up a project leading group, held special seminars, clarified the division of responsibilities, studied and formulated 4 kinds of working measures, and established a coordination and interaction working mechanism.” A relevant person in charge of the Haishu District State-owned Capital Investment and Management Group Co., Ltd. said. By inspecting on-site layout, the graphic materials of signs and signs word by word have been verified and confirmed, so as to ensure the accuracy of the contents of signs and the rationality of security points; by enriching publicity carriers, existing graphic materials have been sorted out, making exhibition boards in combination with the planning, spatial layout, format layout and theme activities of block influence of the centenary Yaohang Street and the TCM-characterized Block (Phase I), so as to introduce the historical origin, background and future blueprint of the block in detail, and to comprehensively improve the display effect; study and optimize the management norms of commercial blocks, the convention on block civilization, safety standardization management and other mechanisms and measures to promote orderly development of block operation.

“In order to enhance the sense of experience, we went to Tu Youyou’s former residence exhibition hall and ythe Yaohuangdian for many times to organize troubleshooting on the placing of display boards, explain the equipment status and the timeline of simulating the line arrangement, record parts that need attention and rectification along the line, give timely feedback, and clarify and refine the blind spots and problems existing in the detailed working plan. At the same time, we’ve communicated with the staff of Tu Youyou’s former residence exhibition hall and Guoyitang on the form of explanation and interactive experience, so as to improve the reputation and response of the block.” A relevant person in charge of the Haishu District State-owned Capital Investment and Management Group Co., Ltd. said. For the next step, we will continue to promote the building and upgrading of the TCM-characterized Block, and promote the development of blocks by accelerating the transformation of blocks, implementing regional continuous development, and issuing a series of preferential policies for investment promotion.

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