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Popularizing knowledge on epidemic prevention in the residential quarter

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“Dear neighbors, recently the epidemic situation is getting grim. Please take vaccination as soon as possible and try not leave the province unless necessary…” On August 4, members of the volunteer team for epidemic prevention in the Lianbei Community, Baiyun Sub-district used a small horn to continuously broadcast epidemic prevention knowledge in the residential quarters to enhance residents’ awareness of protection from the epidemic.

Every minute costs a life and epidemic prevention is a race against the virus. The Haishu District has been strengthening policy and science popularization, and guiding the masses to enhance their awareness of self-protection, to develop and maintain good health habits, such as wearing face masks, waiting with “one meter in between”, washing hands frequently, making sure of frequent ventilation, and gathering together as least as possible, and so on. (Photo by Xin Zhicheng and Wang Jiangning)

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