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Sing a village song to the Party

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In the afternoon of July 4, a song was sung loudly in the cultural auditorium of Qianwang Village, Dongqiao Town. The Most Fair-sounding Village Song Competition themed “Singing Village Songs to the Party” in the Rural Cultural Auditorium of the Haishu District 2021 was opened. 15 teams from 9 agricultural towns (townships) in the district competed on the same stage, singing butterfly changes in the countryside and the happy life of villagers.

At the competition, original village songs described the changes of villages in terms of their situation and images. “Shenxi, my hometown, I would like to sing for you…” the song of Charming Shenxi tells us the changes of the millennium old village of Shenxi in the Jishigang Town on aspects from inconvenient transportation and backward development to the construction of hiking trails and the opening of characteristic homestays while it’s on the road of rural revitalization. After more than 2 hours’ competition, 10 village songs, including the Rich Years presented by the Lianfeng Village of Shiqi Sub-district, were entitled as Top 10 Most Fair-sounding Village Songs, and 5 village songs, including This Beautiful and Ancient Place is Called Huancun Village, won the honor of being Outstanding Village Songs, and 3 other songs, including the Tuoshan Weir, presented by the Tuoshanyan Village of Yinjiang Town, were awarded as Most Popular Songs Online.

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