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The pocket book of the Party History for Kids in Haishu published

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On April 21, the pocket book of the Party History for Kids in Haishu, compiled and edited by the Haishu District Education Bureau, made its debut. This pocket book on the history of the Communist Party of China with local characteristics of Haishu is suitable for teenagers to read and will be distributed to 63 primary and secondary schools in the Haishu District for up to about 80,000 students in the whole district to study.

As is learnt, this pocket book introduces 10 important historical events, linking up 10 important historical periods, such as the national crisis period, the early days after the founding of the Communist Party of China, the Great Revolution period, the Agrarian Revolution period, the Anti-Japanese War period, and the period of War of Liberation and so on. Meanwhile, the pocket book also includes revolutionary figures of the Haishu District, recommendation of red films and red books, and places for hands-on inquiry-based learning and so on.

The publication of the pocket book of the Party History for Kids in Haishu is one of the measures taken by the Haishu District to develop the brand of Party history popularization among teenagers. In order to mobilize teenagers to make good use of their youth power and spread the Party’s voice, the Haishu District recently took the lead in carrying out a series of activities themed “Kids in Haishu studying the history of the Party and always following the Party” in Ningbo, and has been actively developing a brand of Party history popularization among teenagers, so as to let red stories glow in the new era in forms favored by teenagers through watching films, listening to stories and inviting teenagers to tell red stories and so on. “History is the best textbook. We hope that relying on this red pocket book and ideological and political courses elaborating the history of the Communist Party of China, we can promote the red gene inherited in the campus among teachers and students, guide the majority of teenagers to learn the compulsory course on the Party’s history well, and cultivate patriotic enthusiasm.” A relevant person in charge of the Haishu District Education Bureau said. It’s wished that students can learn the nutrition of life from historical stories, know the history and love the Party, and strive to become the new generation who can shoulder important tasks of the nation.

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