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A tourism boom in the holiday with cultural and tourism activities adding highlights

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Lately, according to the statistics released by the Haishu District Culture, Radio, TV, Tourism and Sports Bureau, as of May 5, four A-level or above scenic spots in the Haishu District had received 143,000 tourist person times with an increase of 299.58% compared with that of last year; the income from ticket sales added up to 2.5566 million yuan, increased by 162.19% over that of the same period last year, and the reception volume had witnessed a strong growth as compared to that of last year.

On May 1, the exhibition hall of the former residence of Tu Youyou was open to the public for free. During the “International Workers’ Day” holiday, many tourists and residents have been attracted to visit. The exhibition hall is located in the Yao Residence, No. 26 Kaiming Street. The Residence was originally the residence of Tu Youyou’s grandfather Yao Yongbai and her uncle Yao Qingsan. Tu Youyou lived there with her parents for 10 years when she was young. The Yao Residence was selected as one of the first batch of historical buildings in Ningbo in 2015. After renovation, the Residence becomes the exhibition hall of the former residence of Tu Youyou.

During the “International Workers’ Day” holiday, various scenic spots launched colorful cultural and tourism activities. The scenic spot of Tianyge Museum & Moon Lake put forth activities, such as the Hanfu Garden Party, attracting up to about 96,000 tourists to come and take their most perfect WeChat Moments snaps; the Liang-Zhu Cultural Park presented ancient costume sitcom activities through time and space; the East Zhejiang Sea of Bamboo boasted various kinds of characteristic mountain entertainment projects and delicious cuisine which attracted over 6,000 tourists to come to experience; the Lake Forest Resort launched special experience activities such as the Chunna Market, and camping on the lawn and under the starry sky, etc.. At the same time, homestays, such as the Xishange and Qinxi Xiaozhu and so on were extremely popular with all of the rooms all reserved during the holiday.

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