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Kids learning the history of revolution and carrying forward the red gene generation by generation

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Right before the 58th Anniversary of Learning from Lei Feng, 20 students of the “Little Kids” Volunteer Service Team with the Zhangshui Town Central Primary School paid a visit to the Siming Mountain Memorial Hall of Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery in Zhangcun Village. These students were preparing for practical operation under the guidance and training carried out by a professional guide.

While visiting the memorial hall, students listened patiently and studied hard, taking notes in detail life stories of revolutionary martyrs and the history of the Anti-Japanese War. "This year is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. I hope I can contribute as much as I can in this special year. I signed up for the volunteer service activity organized by our school immediately." Cui Yiqing, a fifth-grade student of the Zhangshui Town Central Primary School, said excitedly.

(Photo by Zhang Haohua and Shi Yuan)

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