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“I feel the warmth of home here”

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One letter for proposing to stay in Ningbo for the Chinese New Year, one gift bag filled with epidemic prevention materials and one greeting. Recently, the Duantang Sub-district has set up a pioneer epidemic prevention volunteer service team composed of more than 10 young cadres and volunteers to deliver " gift bags filled with epidemic prevention materials " to sanitation workers of the Sanitation Station in the sub-district who choose to stay in Ningbo. (Photo by Zhang Haohua and Gui Lin)

“I feel the warmth of home here.” The Spring Festival is around the corner, and Li Guihua, a migrant worker working in Guangbo, choose to stay in Ningbo for the Chinese New Year and now receives an accident insurance bought by the Haishu District Federation of Trade Unions for her free of charge. The insurance would take effect on February 11 and become void on March 12, with a maximum compensation of 50,000 yuan available. According to the relevant person in charge of the Haishu District Federation of Trade Unions, the insurance covers all migrant workers of more than 1,700 enterprises having their own trade unions in the region who chose to stay in Ningbo for the New Year, so as to ensure that there are no worries when they participate in work, short-distance travel and sports activities during the New Year.

Since the New Year's Day, Haishu has issued a sincere invitation to retain migrant workers to stay in Ningbo for the "Spring Festival" and provided a full range of enthusiastic services. Departments in charge of human resources and social security, housing and rural-urban construction, commerce, trade unions and so on have taken active actions to ensure a safe and happy Chinese New Year for migrant workers.

The Haishu District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau has formulated relevant plans, and set up a special group including 4 working teams to help enterprises invite their migrant workers to stay, carried out a number of actions such as stabilizing their posts, recruiting and returning to their posts, effectively providing management services for the employees who stay in Ningbo during the Spring Festival, and made timely preparations for the implementation of policies such as returning unemployment insurance premium and increasing recruitment subsidies in accordance with the requirements of the incentive policies for enterprises that choose to invite migrant workers to stay and provide migrant workers with preferential treatment at district and municipal levels.

As for salary issues concerned by employees, the Haishu District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau intervenes in foreign-related manufacturing industry, service industry, construction in progress and other labor intensive industries that are easy to cause labor disputes in advance and in the whole process, so as to ensure an early detection and elimination of hidden dangers of wage arrears and protect the legitimate rights and interests of wages and holidays of employees staying in Ningbo. In addition, the Haishu District Public Security Sub-bureau has opened a 24-hour telephone consultation channel for "direct connection between the police and enterprises" by using carriers, such as the "Jingqiao Service Center" and so on to respond to consultations in real time and try its best to coordinate and solve all kinds of problems for enterprises stabilizing posts and inviting workers to stay in Ningbo.

According to requirements on providing New Year service guarantee for the disabled, the Haishu District Disabled Persons' Federation implements 7x24 hour response mechanism, arranges special personnel to be responsible for 12385 emergency service hotline for the disabled during the Chinese New Year, so as to ensure the 24-hour hotline is unimpeded; at the same time, Haishu implements the work of one-stop dispensing center in township (sub-district) health service centers, so as to ensure that the normal medication needs of mental patients during the New Year could be met, and launch online services such as psychological assistance.

"It is estimated that there will be about 30% supply increase of farm food commodities in our district during the Spring Festival." A relevant person in charge of the Haishu District Bureau of Commerce said. At present, the Ningbo Fangxing Food Co., Ltd., Ningbo Bean Products Co., Ltd., Auchan Supermarket and other major farm food commodity supply bases and fresh food supermarkets have adjusted their production and sales plans, prepared sufficient supplies and personnel to participate in the supply guarantee task. At the same time, the emergency reserve of farm food commodities in the district is sufficient. An emergency reserve of 200 tons of frozen pork, 2,000 pigs, 200 tons of beans and eggs has been strictly implemented in case of any emergency.

Including buying accidental injury insurance for migrant workers, the Haishu District Federation of Trade Unions has arranged a special fund of 500,000 yuan for enterprises to invite workers to stay and provide them with preferential treatment, so as to ensure that the activities of “celebrating the Chinese New Year in Ningbo" are colorful and heart-warming. Among them, the WeChat platform of "Haishu Employees' Home" launched four "Preferential Treatment for Employees" online inclusive activities, with a total of 100 family-call cards, Ningbo special New Year gift packages, family movie cards and annual park tickets in Ningbo respectively, so that employees can enjoy talking with their family members on the phone, nice food, wonderful movies and exciting activities in Ningbo, and feel the warmth of "their second hometown" together.

The Haishu District Women's Federation launches a theme activity of "Staying in Haishu · We’re All together", with 9 kinds of activities including rich content and various forms of festival consolation, parent-child reading and skill training programs, so as to make the migrant workers who stay in Ningbo feel the warmth of home; relying on offline platforms such as Ningbo Family Style Hall and "Beaver" Parent-child Reading Base, Haishu focuses on families of migrant workers, carrying out "stories of family styles" and "sending knowledge on laws and order". The Federation of Literary and Art Circles of the district actively encourages various literary and art associations to create more than 10 small talent show videos themed "Staying in Zhejiang for the Chinese New Year", and called on the vast number migrant workers to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

In order to ensure medical services for migrant workers during the Spring Festival, the Haishu District Health Bureau fully implemented the medical service duty system of primary medical institutions during the Spring Festival. According to the increase in the number of migrant workers staying in Ningbo this year, the number of medical personnel and shifts on duty in outpatient departments have been increased accordingly, so as to maintain normal opening of fever clinics, and provide sufficient medication for patient with chronic diseases and meet the needs of patients during the Spring Festival.

In addition, during the Spring Festival, primary medical institutions carry out nucleic acid testing on the external environment and articles in key places, ensuring no less than 30 samples per week, and strengthen the management of people such as couriers, and do a good job in daily nucleic acid testing, so as to ensure the monitoring of key goods and key places such as freight logistics express.

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