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Satellite City ——Jishigang Town


Jishigang Town is one of the eight satellite cities in Ningbo, and is in the western suburbs of Ningbo, adjacent to the airport, and is 10 km from the centre of Ningbo. The administrative area of the town is 49 square kilometres, having 19 administrative villages, two fisheries societies, and three communities. The resident population of the town is about 8 million people. In 2016, the town achieved a regional GDP of 4.99 billion yuan, with a total fiscal revenue of 0.61 billion yuan, and is the national experimental small town, the civilized national town, one of the provincial top one hundred towns in education, sports and health development. In recent years, Jishigang Town continued to promote the integration of developments between the industries and the Ningbo city, vigorously promoted the living standards of town residents. In accordance with the city and district level deployment strategies Jishigang Town devoted to the constructions of satellite city according to the goal of "Lay foundation in one year, development in three years, become fruitful in five years", and strive to set the town as "city’s deputy center" with functional and powerful industrial development.