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NingBo Haishu E-commerce Industrial Park


Ningbo Haishu E-commerce Industrial Park is developed from the previous Ningbo City E-commerce Industrial Park according to the "one city - two districts - one center" strategy of the municipal government and the "Opinions on building e-commerce Ningbo City (Ningbo outsourcing gathering area)," The goal of Ningbo Haishu E-commerce Industrial Park is to be established as a Highland for electronic business and related industries. Phase one area of this park is bordered on east by Xiaoyong railway, at west by Housun Wangchun Qiao area, north by Xinxing Road and south by Shengfeng River, with an area of about 3.9 square kilometres. Phase two area is located north of Yingfeng Road, west of Nantang River, east of Fenghua River and south of Yayuan Road, approximately 1 square kilometres. Building includes Coworking Space Building, Yinrun Golden View, Hengmao Building, Beauty Garden and other buildings have been put into use. Many companies such as ZTE, EMKEX, Peacebird, Liebo, Share’ngo Electronic Car have been settled down. China (Ningbo) cross-border trade e-commerce park has been successfully opened and put into use. Many logistics, warehousing, customs clearance, office, parking and other functional areas, postal and customs clearance and other regulatory authorities have also been opened within the park.

The Park intends to introduce: regional large and medium-size e-commerce trading platform headquarters, large and medium-sized e-commerce service corporate headquarters, the internet and digital financial services companies, the electronic commerce innovation incubator, high-end electronic commerce training institutions, large and medium-size software development, system integration enterprises or research institutions, cloud computing and data service enterprises, digital certificate and security of information service enterprises.